Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 2011 - Welcome to the AllDoulas Newsletter!

Welcome!  Whether you are a daily visitor to AllDoulas or if you haven't signed on in awhile (and perhaps even forgot that you're even a member) we'd like to welcome you to our NEW newsletter!

When you signed up for AllDoulas, you opted in to receive the newsletter (even though there was no newsletter going out at that time) At this time, you can expect to receive a newsletter every 2-3 months, and we are hoping to move to a monthly newsletter in 2012.  We hope that you will find the information helpful and that you'll stop by Alldoulas and see what were up to!

A little bit about me:
My name is Dorothy Haines and I am the Administrator at Alldoulas.  I signed up for Alldoulas as a member not that long after the boards started and came on as Staff several years later. This past May I was asked to come on as Administrator, and as a long-time member I am excited to see Alldoulas grow and expand and continue to be one of the best places online for doula support and information.  I would love to hear your ideas for what you'd like to see on the boards.

If you want to sign in to the boards but don't remember your username and/or password to sign in, contact me at dorothy@alldoulas.com and I'll help get you up and running!

If you haven't been on the boards in awhile, come on over and see what's going on!  We'd love to have you back.